Drop in nights @ Good Sport

Next Date: Thursday December 6

What is this?

Instructor-less drop-in art sessions aimed to create a space where visual artists can come and dedicate time to being creative at their own pace. Meet the Good Sport artists, meet people from the community, ask us questions, use our wifi!

How it works

Bring your medium of choice (or use ours) and create alongside other artists. Work together or alone. All skill levels and mediums are welcome. This is an informal artists’ gathering.

Doors open at 7, stay up until 9
Pay what you can (suggested donation of $5)
Free parking behind the art gallery

Example mediums: ink/pen/charcoal and paper, poetry, watercolour, cross stitching/fabric work, clay, photography, needle work, paint, graphic design – basically anything you can think of and that the space will accommodate. We have some paper, coloured pencils, markers, and various other media you can use as well.


The Crooked Nail

Stephanie Amatori, Madelon DeCecco, and Devon Lowrie


What is a landscape? What do landscapes mean to us? We are interested in the land we occupy, the environment, how we represent the environment in art, and the connection we make to our environment. As artists we feel responsible for creation and the impact our creation has on the environment around us. We aim to make art that not only encompasses the feeling of connections and community, but also sheds light on some pressing issues that our Earth is facing

Opening reception: January 11th, 2019


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