Dates: Sept 27th, Oct 10th, Nov 1st, Nov 14th

What is this?

Bi-weekly instructor-less drop-in expressive art sessions. These drop-in sessions are aiming to create a space where visual artists can come and dedicate time to being creative at their own pace.

How it works

Every month a new quote will be posted on the Good Sport website. You can read it in advance to doodle/plan ahead or you can be spontaneous and just show up and dive in the night of.
There will be two sessions dedicated to one quote, and the quote will be displayed in the studio space during each session.

Bring your medium of choice and create your own beautifully unique artistic interpretation of the quote/theme alongside other artists. Work together or alone.

All skill levels and mediums are welcome and no need to share your work with others unless you want to. This is an informal artists’ gathering.

Doors open at 7 stay as long as you’d like til around 9:30/10:00 pm.
Pay what you can (suggested donation of $5)
Free parking behind the art gallery

Example mediums: ink/pen/charcoal and paper, poetry, watercolour, cross stitching/fabric work, clay, photography, needle work, paint, graphic design – basically anything you can think of and that the space will accommodate. We have paper collage materials if you don’t have materials yourself.



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