Student Residency 2018

What is this Residency?

This is a residency open to students enrolled in High School, Fanshawe College and Western University. We are looking for groups of two to three artists to make work during the residency which will be on display in our gallery for two weeks! You would be our first exhibition of 2018 and you can add this to your fun fun CV! This will include a sweet opening/closing reception to show your work TO THE WORLD. Submissions can be sent through email:, feel free to ask us ANY questions.

Important Details:

– The residency will be the whole month of December
– We are super affordable ($75 or less depending on the size of your group)
– Please fill out our application form
– Write a proposal that is up to 500 words to tell us what you will be making and how you would like it installed in the gallery
– We need 5-10 images, which includes previous work and sketches for proposed work. Please combine them into one pdf, in the order listed on your image list.
– Have your group pick a ship name and use it to title your files: (BRANGELINA_Images, BRANGELINA_Proposal, BRANGELINA_Application)


Winter Residency Application Form


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