Call for Submissions: Food Sport

Call for Submissions: Food Sport
Deadline August 30, 2019

What is Food Sport?

Food Sport is an exhibition that will transform the Good Sport gallery into a grocery store. Artists are invited to submit work that explores the theme of the grocery store and the items within them. Some potential themes artists may want to explore include trends and aesthetics around food, consumerism, poverty and food insecurity, health, advertising and packaging, traditions, and agriculture.

The transformation of the gallery into a grocery store aims to challenge conventional notions of art collecting through the creation of an alternative space for the purchasing of art. This exhibition will work to normalize the practice of purchasing art by relating it to the familiar activity of grocery shopping. To further this aim, it is suggested that artists submit work that is for sale at a low price point; artists are encouraged to find a way to make work that is affordable and therefore can be purchased by those who may otherwise not be able to access it. This may mean creating prints or reproductions of the artists’ original work or selling a piece in fragments (ex. selling individual slices of pizza or individual eggs from a carton). This will be a cash and carry exhibition (customers will be able to take their purchases with them after they pay).


Artists are welcome to submit work in all media, and three dimensional work is encouraged.
Multiples, series, and individual works are welcome. There is no limit to the number of pieces each artist may submit.
All work must be for sale. Good Sport does not take a commission on sold work.
The majority of work will be displayed on shelves. For artists submitting multiples, some pieces may be stored in the “stockroom” and restocked as necessary.
The exhibition is scheduled for October 2019.

Please email all submissions to by August 30, 2019. In your email, please include:
Images of the work (jpeg only)
Title, name, media, dimensions, and price for each piece
Short artist statement (max. 100 words)
Website and/or social media links

For any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at


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