Resident Artists

Alex Abbey

Hi there, nice to meet ya. My artist handle is alexsappy and I specialize in using ink on bristol paper, I also flirt with the concepts of ink washing and watercolour. My main influences range from the late Ren Hang, and tattoo artist Curt Montgomery. I like to draw the human body all nude and bare while mixing organic imagery. I consider my work minimal, abstract, and surreal at times. Well that’s me… love you xoxo.

Instagram: alexsappy
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Heather E Carey

Heather E Carey is a London-based artist who is primarily interested in painting and its ability to explore positions of hybridity. Our conception of space is often formed by contradictory combinations of experience, memory, and imagination (Bachelard called this position ‘syncretism’). Heather is interested in how painting has the ability to explore these unique syncretic positions. She paints because she enjoys the structure of language, and painting is a language that can be universally enjoyed.

Instagram: heathecares

Danielle Longfield

Danielle’s style is inspired by Expressionism, Georgia O’Keefe and her on-going experiences as a midwife. Her medium of choice is primarily thickened acrylic on stretched canvas. She also dabbles in plaster casting, clay sculpture, ink and water colour, and mixed media.

Instagram: striking_lioness

Zane Pate

Mainly I use art to explore my interests. I usually create images involving life, death, and science fiction. Using a little humor also helps the viewer digest these difficult subjects.

YouTube: Grave Box

Contributing Artists

Megan Arnold

Megan Arnold is an artist and musician living and working in London, Ontario. Her work manifests itself in the modes of cartooning, printmaking, installation, songwriting, and (musical) performance; and tends to focus on autobiography and the documentation of life experiences. She loves sleeping and karaoke.

Instagram: @dashing_mchandshhh

Joanna Skiba

I love life and stuff. Tumblr/ instagram all day, ALL DAY BABY. Pllleaaassee don’t question me, I’m legit bb. Maybe we should take a break together and live our best lives. Is this my artist statement/ bio, or my tinder bio YOU DECIDE.

Instagram: joskiba

Past Artists

Taylor Doyle


Moira Hayes

Instagram: moirahayes

Allyson Proulx

Instagram: @leftysmudges

Nicole Williams

Instagram: @nicolewilliamsstudio