Resident Artists

Heather E Carey


Heather E Carey is a London-based artist who is primarily interested in painting and its ability to explore positions of hybridity. Our conception of space is often formed by contradictory combinations of experience, memory, and imagination (Bachelard called this position ‘syncretism’). Heather is interested in how painting has the ability to explore these unique syncretic positions. She paints because she enjoys the structure of language, and painting is a language that can be universally enjoyed.

Instagram: @heathecares

Allison Del Vecchio

Allison Del Vecchio makes artwork primarily based on feelings of happiness and positivity. Her biggest inspiration as a child was Japanese manga, specifically styles aimed at girls. These kinds of styles in particular feature big eyes, colourful palettes, and overall have a very shiny and sparkly aesthetic to them. Her goal is to make her pieces busy, bright, and colourful, but still work together as a cohesive piece.

Instagram: @oceaninspace

Jill Emeny

Jill Emeny is a London based artist focusing on sculpture, textiles and mix media work. She primarily uses reclaimed materials in combination with natural materials in her work. Drawing inspiration from her experiences growing up and from her surroundings, she creates pieces very personal to her everyday life.

Instagram: @jillemeny_art

Zane Pate


Mainly I use art to explore my interests. I usually create images involving life, death, and science fiction. Using a little humour also helps the viewer digest these difficult subjects.

Instagram: @zapsale
YouTube: Grave Box

Shannon Taylor- Jones


Shannon Taylor-Jones is an emerging Canadian artist based in Toronto and London, Ontario. She graduated from OCAD University in 2016 with a major in Drawing and Painting and a minor in Photography, and in 2018 completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Museum and Cultural Management at Centennial College. Primarily an oil painter, she works with ideas of intuition and materiality in her practice, focusing on abstraction. Her paintings create awareness of presence and exist as fragmented moments.

Instagram: @staylorjonesart

Contributing Artists

Neva Haller


Neva Haller is a visual artist based in London Ontario. She attended York University for international communications, and returned to London this last year. Her art is based around introspective thoughts and feelings of her own and those around her. She works with a variety of mediums, but predominately does paint / sketch based work.

Instagram: @nevahallerart

Danielle Longfield


Danielle’s style is inspired by Expressionism, Georgia O’Keefe and her on-going experiences as a midwife. Her medium of choice is primarily thickened acrylic on stretched canvas. She also dabbles in plaster casting, clay sculpture, ink and water colour, and mixed media.

Instagram: striking_lioness

Ben Morin

Ben Morin is a London, Ontario based artist originally from the Laurentians, Quebec. Ben paints in a figurative style that is influenced by smartphone photography and his work is primarily concerned with Canadiana, advertising and media.

Instagram: bengmorin

Joanna Skiba


I love life and stuff. Tumblr/ instagram all day, ALL DAY BABY. Pllleaaassee don’t question me, I’m legit bb. Maybe we should take a break together and live our best lives. Is this my artist statement/ bio, or my tinder bio YOU DECIDE.

Instagram: joskiba

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