Food Sport Halloween

Closing reception Thursday October 31, 7-9pm

Food Sport is the transformation from art gallery to grocery store. 26 artists explore themes around advertising, consumerism, the environment, health, the body, and more in this cash and carry pop-up store. With most items priced under $50, Food Sport challenges conventional notions of art collecting through re-contextualizing the experience of purchasing art.

Participating artists: Paul Abeleira, Whymark Austen, Tamar Bresge, Nickolas Cornwall, Allison Del Vecchio, Jacqueline Demendeev, Amelia Does, Joseph Farrugia, Laura Keeling, Justin Langille, Sarah Lanteigne, Ozwel Ryann Le Clair, Danielle Longfield, Connor MacKinnon, Jennifer Martin, Sarah Moreau, Ben Morin, Zane Pate, Alyssa Pisciotto, Kayla Polan, Lydia Santia, Becca Serena, Joanna Skiba, Shannon Taylor-Jones, Rin Vanderhaeghe, Isabella Vesely
Curated by Zane Pate and Shannon Taylor-Jones

THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING AT FOOD SPORT! The exhibition will also be open Friday November 1, 7-9pm.

pumpkin boy copy

Pumpkin Design 1

pumpkin boy2 copy

Pumpkin Design 2

pumpkin boy3 copy

Pumpkin Design 3