Jamie Dronyk & Faith Patrick
October 17th – 30th, 2015

Jamie Dronyk

Jamie Dronyk is a practicing artist whose work focuses on the relationship between painting and poetry. Dronyk’s paintings are text based and rooted in poetry and pictorial minimalism complimenting her writing. Her work draws on slips of the tongue, language collage, and intersecting different languages to generate nonsensical words. Dronyk’s poetry is the result of an ongoing collaborative practice with Faith Patrick that uses imagism and reordering to produce new meaning. Their first book, HOCUS POCUS, was hand typed and bound, and Dronyk continues to bind more original books of poetry. Jamie Dronyk was born in London Ontario, is a BFA graduate from Western University and currently works as an art instructor.

Faith Patrick

Faith Patrick is a Canadian painter, performer, and writer. Her practice is invested in exploring her relationship with competitive sport. Her paintings, performances and installations investigate ideas of competition, collaboration, games, and work-play dichotomies.

Patrick competed as a Division One basketball player at the Provincial level for ten years. Her team spent the summer months in the United States, competing in an American Tour called AYBT.

Faith Patrick is a recent BFA graduate from Western University. She is currently one of five resident artists at Good Sport, a newly-opened studio, exhibition and project space in downtown London, ON. As a Good Sport, Patrick helps curate and run programming for the space.

Patrick has exhibited in Make it Move, London (2014) a group exhibition curated by Kelly Jazvac, Paint as Material Contingency, London (2015) a group exhibition curated by Sky Glabush, Gyan Chauper, in collaboration with Daniel Samson and Paul Dhir, for Nuit Blanche Toronto (2014), and most recently in collaboration with Jamie Dronyk in Uncooperative at Forest City Gallery, London (2015).


a poetry exhibition
there are repeatedly misunderstandings

Good Sport
256 Richmond St. Unit 2
October 17-30 2015

Jamie Dronyk & Faith Patrick






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